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Hi and welcome to my PR Page. On this page, I will display the success I have had as a publicist for various clients. 

My clients have appeared in Forbes, LA Times, Benzinga, Thrillist, Yahoo Finance, LA Weekly and the Detroit Free Press.  

PR is an essential part of any marketing strategy and should be part of your company's plans. 

Some of the benefits of PR include:

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  • Attracts your target market
  • Short-term  and long-term lead generation
  • Strengthens your brand image.

Is cannabis withdrawal real and how can it affect you?

While not as medically dangerous as withdrawal from other substances, cannabis withdrawal can be mentally draining (Shutterstock) It may not be life-threatening or medically dangerous, but withdrawing from cannabis is a very real experience for many regular users. And for someone who uses significant amounts of THC regularly, the withdrawal can be quite unpleasant and uncomfortable. If you do take a break from cannabis, it’s important to know what the withdrawal will look like and how it can af

What Is The Cannabis Industry Most Optimistic About Heading Into 2022?

Overall, the cannabis industry has much to be optimistic about as 2022 approaches. The U.S. industry, in particular, should be enthusiastic despite its remaining required maturation. Operators across numerous pot sectors told Benzinga what they are most optimistic about for 2022. These were the four most discussed topics: Cannabis reform progress continued across much of the country in 2021. Nine states passed decriminalization, medical use, or adult-use laws in 2021. Numerous other states re

Psychedelic drugs may be the key to treating mental illness and PTSD

In October, legislators introduced a bill that would authorize clinical studies of psilocybin, the psychoactive property in "magic mushrooms," as a therapy treatment for mental health patients, particularly those suffering from PTSD. The funding would focus upon treatments for veterans, first responders, and their families. Psychedelic therapies have received considerable state support recently, but national government policies limit the use of psychedelic-assisted treatment. According to the

The Leafly buyer's guide to bongs

Bongs are tools for cannabis consumption that filters smoke through water, sequestering toxins and carcinogens for a smoother consumption experience. Built around a central tube that goes over rather than between the lips, cannabis is packed into a bowl piece which is then inserted into a downstem, a straight, narrow tube that pulls smoke into water in the main reservoir, conditioning a hit prior to inhalation. While bongs didn’t become the contemporary glass objects they are today until the mi

The Leafly buyer’s guide to weed pipes

It wasn’t long ago that buying a pipe for smoking weed was a pretty narrow and nerve-wracking experience. You’d find a local head shop, either through word of mouth, visual cues like tie-dye curtains and dancing Grateful Dead bears, or coded descriptions like “Tobacco & Gift Shop,” and once you located your retailer of choice, you’d avoid words like “bong,” “weed,” and certainly “marijuana”—language choices that could immediately shut down a sale for fear of police scrutiny. Remember, it was on

Holiday Gift Guide: Gadgets, Glass, and Accessories

Green Wednesday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals are over, but plenty of people are still shopping for the holidays. Jushi Holdings (OTC: JUSHF) just recently conducted a holiday poll surveying 1,000 cannabis consumers in legal states and confirmed what end-of-year revenue knows to be true: people love cannabis during the holidays. For different reasons, too. Some people use cannabis to unwind during stressful holiday times, others bring enough to share with the family. Medical consumers mi

New York Bill Pushes Hemp Packaging for Cannabis Products

New York’s upcoming adult-use cannabis industry could become a model of sustainable packaging under a bill that would make hemp the primary source of materials used to package regulated marijuana products. Under the bill from state Sen. Michelle Hinchey, the New York Cannabis Control Board would be directed to develop a plan to designate industrial hemp as the primary source of packaging materials for all cannabis products manufactured in the state. “There is no other natural resource that offe

Black Friday Savings: 11 Cannabis Deals to Snag Today

Cannabis consumers have already started taking advantage of holiday season savings, thanks to Green Wednesday. Green Wednesday sales have been growing with each passing year. Flowhub is predicting this year’s Green Wednesday sales to be “on par with recent years’ 18% YOY growth.” Read our Green Wednesday predictions for 2021 as the final sales numbers for 2021 continue to fall into place. Cannabis businesses are continuing the holiday promotions as the retail industry begins Black Friday and he

Best CBD Creams Of 2021

CBD cream, which often includes balms and salves, is a topical application of cannabidiol. This cream offers more localized effects rather than systemic ones that edibles or inhalation can provide. “When CBD is used topically, it does not reach the bloodstream,” says Robert Milanes M.D., founder of Holistic On Call and a doctor with Heally, an alternative medicine telehealth platform. This application method makes CBD cream a good choice for people who are new to CBD and less comfortable inges

5 cannabis gadget gifts for weed nerds | Weedmaps

Whether you're shopping for an ergonomic appliance, a contemporary contraption, or some other ultra-modern, cutting-edge canna-gift to round out a friend's utensil collection, one thing's for sure: there's an overwhelming number of pot-related devices on the market today and it can be difficult to know where to start. Recreational cannabis has opened the floodgates for not just advancements in cultivation, but consumption tech as well. Flower vaporizers that were once exclusively tabletop devic

The Feds Are Coming For Delta-8 THC

August Battles was barely out of high school when he and a friend decided to capitalize on the 2018 Farm Bill—in which Congress and President Donald Trump legalized an American hemp industry—and started selling “CBD cigarettes,” smokes containing the low-THC, high(er) CBD cultivar of cannabis sativa that’s legal under federal law. Packs of their Vance Global “guilt-free smokes” now appear in 12,000 stores across the country, they claim. But the market is fickle and consumer tastes shift quickly

Florida lawmakers want to authorize study of mushrooms, MDMA as alternative therapies

Florida lawmakers want to authorize study of mushrooms, MDMA as alternative therapies A psychedelic revolution might sound suggestive of 1960s hippie culture, but some people — notably, a recently retired Republican sheriff — predict that's what the 2020s will bring in medicine. The search for treatment of common mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, has led researchers to hallucinogenics, which have shown promise when used in clinical, stra

A Few Questions To Dr. John Huber CEO At TripSitter Clinic On Recent Legislation Filed To Study Psychedelic Compounds In Florida

A Few Questions To Dr. John Huber CEO At TripSitter Clinic On Recent Legislation Filed To Study Psychedelic Compounds In Florida Two lawmakers from South Florida have announced that they are making a new push to study psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms and ketamine in clinical settings to treat conditions like PTSD and depression. Representative Michael Grieco and Senator Lauren Book filed bills directing the Department of Health to study psilocybin, ketamine, and MDMA as treatments for me

Some Questions To Greg Rovner, CEO of Heally On Filed Legislation For Psychedelics Research In Florida

Some Questions To Greg Rovner, CEO of Heally On Filed Legislation For Psychedelics Research In Florida You may have already read our piece …. A Few Questions To Dr. John Huber CEO At TripSitter Clinic On Recent Legislation Filed To Study Psychedelic Compounds In Florida We also asked Greg Rovner, CEO of Heally the same series of questions about the hoped for boost to research in Florida. Greg is based out of San Francisco and runs Heally, a B2B platform that is aggregating cannabis, psychede

A buyer’s guide for weed cartridge batteries

If you use vape cartridges even semi-frequently, you’ve likely lost, broken, or worn out the rechargeable, 510-threaded battery at some point. You know the one: It looks like a pen, screws into your cart, and has a weed company’s logo on it. Odds are you bought and re-bought some version of that battery on the floor of a dispensary—probably as an afterthought to a more exciting cartridge purchase. It works until it doesn’t, which is good enough until you buy a few of them at $5-15 a pop and the

Waterbury cannabis business helping people cultivate opportunity

WATERBURY, Vt. (WCAX) -A new initiative is helping members of the BIPOC community become active members of the cannabis industry. Zenbarn Farms is partnering with the community to educate people disproportionately impacted by the drug crisis. The initiative, The Cannabis Equity Fund, is all about education. “When you live it, you don’t always keep the statistics in your head, you just see it happening,” said Marlena Tucker-Fishman. Tucker-Fishman is a co-owner of Zenbarn Farm Cannabis. She, a

CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

When you consume CBD gummies, capsules or softgels, dosage is typically expressed per unit. For example, there may be 50 milligrams of CBD in each individual gummy. These products don’t offer much dosage flexibility since you can’t split up capsules easily. For instance, if one softgel capsule didn’t provide your desired result, you would have to take another full capsule, doubling the total dose. CBD oil, on the other hand, makes it easier, to begin with a small dose. But calculating CBD oil d

How To Use CBD To Help Alleviate Anxiety

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve any CBD-based medications for anxiety. However, many studies indicate the substance can be an effective anxiolytic. In 2011, a small trial-tested CBD on participants with generalized social anxiety disorder (SAD) and healthy control patients undergoing a simulated public speaking test (SPST), which is a common anxiety testing method . Compared to a placebo, CBD significantly reduced anxiety and discomfort in the participants with SAD. In
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